Instagram Promotion: Best Hacks of 2018

Promoting your business on Instagram is one of the biggest ways to reach a greater audience and improve your sales. No doubt, Instagram has grown incredibly since its arrival in 2010 and many features have been added to improve this social platform. Here, we’re going to highlight and discuss the winning tricks for Instagram promotion in 2018.

How to Step Up Your Instagram Promotion Strategy

A Statista 2018 report shows that Instagram has over 800,000,000 monthly active users. This figure reveals how people invest their time in social media. Now, every proactive marketer or brand knows that the best way to make sales is to meet people where they are.

Hence, to improve your brand promotion on Instagram, below are key steps you don’t want to overlook:

·        Use Live Streaming to Connect with More Followers

For many Instagrammers, connecting is the world. Thus, if you want to get your product, event or service out there, you have to reach more followers live. And how do you do this?

Do you see the camera icon on the top left corner of your screen? Tap it. Next, click “Live” and then “Start Live Video.”

The best types of content to share live include:

  • Contests
  • Event updates
  • How-To Guides
  • Exclusive content
  • Behind the scenes

Many marketers take advantage of the behind-the-scenes option to show followers how they get things done. And you can save all these videos in your camera roll for use on other social media platforms.

·         Choose Effective Hashtags

There’s no denying the fact the hashtags are kings on Instagram. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to your posts. And this brings you huge promotion and engagement.

The best trick for 2018 here is the “Follow hashtags” feature. This new feature allows followers to follow conversations around specific hashtags. Marketers use this option to keep their stories fresh and interesting for followers.

Besides, when you know the hashtags that people are following, you can take advantage of them to get seen and promoted. Twitter equally supports this feature, and the goal is to ensure that you reach a wider audience and encourage followers to follow the hashtags.

The best part of this is that Instagram ranks popular and related hashtags using usage volume.

·         Maximize Creative Image

In the last one year, Instagrammers have grown more interest in high-quality visual content, precisely photos. When you upload your brand pictures, they need to have the right filters, color, and style.

Added to this is the need for you to be consistent. Instagram Stories is a great feature, yes, but don’t get lax about your visual composition. Choose creativity and consistency to promote your upcoming event or new product.

·         Consider Direct Messages

DM marketing is fast becoming an efficient way of reaching followers and promoting your brands. Of course, this is a new terrain and brands are somewhat hesitant about being called pushy when they slide into followers’ inboxes.

Yet, the truth remains that stats show that the use of DM for connecting has increased remarkably. And marketers should get ready to get this Instagram promotion strategy in their advertising kit.

Final Thoughts

In short, we’ve addressed some of the best Instagram promotion tricks for 2018. From live streaming, high-quality images, DM marketing, to hashtags following, improving your brand engagement on Instagram could never be easier.

Are you in search of ways to promote your new product or additional service? Do you need Instagram promotion experts to take the stress off of you? SocialBoss has you covered. Let’s talk.