Difference between video promotion on Instagram and Youtube

Video content is slowly but steadily taking over as the most influential form of online promotion on social media. We are already well-familiarized with the power that a successful Youtube channel can bring you, especially if you use VideosGrow. However, the recent release of IGTV increases the promise of video promotion on Instagram as well.

Today, we are looking at a difference between the two social networks and how you can use them to enhance your visibility and your audience.

Video Promotion on Social Media

If you want to leverage social media on your side in 2019, you need to produce and post exceptional video content. Today’s market is overcrowded and the competition is fierce, so mediocrity just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Whether you are looking to promote an event, advertise a product or simply raise awareness over a certain topic video is the right media to do it. There are several social media channels out there that support promotional videos, with Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram being the most famous of the lot. The latter two go the extra mile to provide users with a myriad of tools and platforms for posting clips and even live streaming their promotions.

Youtube is one of the oldest social networks around, and the numbers show it with over 1.9 billion users logging in on the platform every month, as their data reveals it. However, the new generation of internet users is steadily moving towards Instagram and their latest standalone app IGTV, which promises to be the go-to platform for video promotions in the near future.

How a Youtube channel can increase your visibility

Since its release in 2005, Youtube has raked in a global audience that now refers to the social network for news, entertainment, and education. Users from all over the world connect to it every day and subscribe to channels that can suit their long-term interests.

Regardless of the business that you are in, Youtube is a powerhouse of social media marketing and a promotional tool that you should not neglect.

Youtube can turn your brand from an anonymous name to a renowned authority in an industry of your choice if you play your cards right. Enhancing your visibility on this social network requires a well-planned strategy, high-quality content and constant monitoring.

Next, you need to establish a loyal base of subscribers, pay for Youtube likes, and work with important influences to watch your following increase your online presence.

The power of promotions on IGTV

Instagram has started as a photo-sharing platform under the tutoring of Facebook, but it is slowly moving towards becoming a major channel for video promotion. At first, users could enjoy 15-second Insta stories to share short clips with their followers. Next, the live streaming option became a serious promotional tool for companies everywhere. Now, IGTV is taking over allowing users to share long videos and communicate with their admirers mostly through video content.

IGTV is still far from producing the level of polished content that is currently available on Youtube. In this regard, it will take a few years for them to catch up with their main competitors. For now, it is a suitable alternative to post your Youtube content and reach a new segment of the audience.

The bottom line

At the moment, Youtube is a giant of the social media world, and you cannot fail by using your Youtube channel for video promotion. Instagram is a reliable platform for posting clips, and IGTV is steadily attracting more and more users. However, it is far from becoming a substitute for a well-organized Youtube channel.