Dark Star - Benson Arizona

"Dark Star" (1974) is one of my favorite John Carpenter movies, and I've been trying to find the soundtrack for a long time. In particular, it contains a song called "Benson Arizona" which was written by Bill Taylor (lyrics) and John Carpenter (music) and performed by John Yager (vocals), John Carpenter, Terry Winkless, Tom Wallace and Justice O'Neil (backup musicians) for this movie.

Here's an mp3 (2:34, 3.0 MB, 160 kbps) which was digitally ripped from the DVD. Enjoy.

Doolittle: Let's have some music in here, Boiler.
Boiler: Sure thing!


A million suns shine down
But I see only one
Tryin' to think I'm over you
I find I've just begun
The years go faster than the days
There's no warmth in the light
And how I miss those desert skies
Your cold touch in the night

Benson, Arizona, the warm wind through your hair
My body flies the galaxies, my heart longs to be there
Benson, Arizona, the same stars in the sky
But they seemed so much kinder when we watched them, you and I

Now the years pull us apart
I'm young and now you're old
But you're still in my heart
And the memory won't grow cold
I dream of times and spaces
I left far behind
Where we spent our last few days
Benson's on my mind


Thanks to Terry Simpson for sending in corrections for the lyrics!

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