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hfsc and pfr_detach_table errors

I'm trying to get HFSC to work with a large amount of queues (about 700).
For some reason all my queues disappear after some time, and I'm getting
a bunch of "pfr_detach_table: refcount = 0." errors. I'm not issuing any
pfctl command when the error occurs.
I bumped the HFSC_MAX_CLASSES setting to 1000 in altq/altq_hfsc.h, but
I'm running an otherwise unmodified 3.8 GENERIC kernel. I still get the
errors without this modification and only a few queues, but it appears
to be less frequent.
I apologize if this is a known problem, I searched the lists and gnats
and did not find anything. I did try this with 3.7 and got the panic as
described in bug #4186 ("lockmgr related panic"), roughly the same time
after having applied the rules.