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Re: Multiple incomming interfaces

It's not a simple problem than this .... I've to use reply-to , route-to and mark paquets with tags and almost I've it

e1 (outside world)----------| |---- em0 --- (DMZ) ---------WEB SERVER ---- SMTP ...
e2 (outside world) ---------| OPEN BSD | ---- .....
e3 (outside world)----------| ROUTER | ---- emN (users zone)

my idea is that every service in DMZ zone can be accessed from anyone external interface, and at least two external interfaces can act as balancing pooling from internal
conections to outside (normally http). The problem is that I've to bypass internal router table of my router because it tries to reply every incomming paquet from anyone external interfaces (e1 ..e3) by default gateway.

thanks for your reply

Simeó Reig

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Simeó Reig wrote:

I've three adsl lines with its IP's. I'm trying to have load balancing from outside world to our web server, but with tcpdump I've seen that every packet is redirected to default gateway, anybody can send me a simple working pf.conf for this ?

Running openBSD 3.8


http://openbsd.org/faq/pf/nat.html and http://openbsd.org/faq/pf/rdr.html