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Re: Sharing bandwidth between data and VoIP with ALTQ

Daniel T. Staal wrote:
> On Tue, November 15, 2005 11:39 pm, Jean-Philippe said:
>> I have a pf book and red some doc, but didn't find what I look for. From
>> what I understand you can use the bandwidth from parent queue with CBQ
>> (borrow). Its not exactly what I want.
>> Would it be possible to use all (or almost all) the bandwidth for data
>> when there is no phone conversation, but reduce the it to 10% for data
>> when there is a conversation?
> Why is borrowing from the parent queue not exactly what you want?
> Parent Queue: 100%
> VOIP (in parent): 90%
> Other data (in parent): 10%
> Doesn't that do what you want?  (Translated into pf of course.)
Well, let's say you setup the following with CBQ
Parent queue: 100% (80% free)
VoIP queue: has 10% minimum and can borrow from parent
Other data queue: has 10% minimum and can borrow from parent
If there is VoIP data and other data at the same time they both fight for
bandwidth in the parent queue. Right? That's the way I see it (and tested
it come to the same conclusion).
Is there something I'm missing here?
> Daniel T. Staal