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Re: Sharing bandwidth between data and VoIP with ALTQ

On Tue, November 15, 2005 11:39 pm, Jean-Philippe said:
> I have a pf book and red some doc, but didn't find what I look for. From
> what I understand you can use the bandwidth from parent queue with CBQ
> (borrow). Its not exactly what I want.
> Would it be possible to use all (or almost all) the bandwidth for data
> when there is no phone conversation, but reduce the it to 10% for data
> when there is a conversation?
Why is borrowing from the parent queue not exactly what you want?
Parent Queue: 100%
VOIP (in parent): 90%
Other data (in parent): 10%
Doesn't that do what you want?  (Translated into pf of course.)
Daniel T. Staal
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