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Re: pps or other unknown upper bound?

On 11/16/05, Jon Hart <[email protected]> wrote:
> pass in on $CLIENT_IF inet proto tcp from $CLIENT_NET to $SERVER_NET \
>   port 12345 flags S/SA modulate state
I know it's a stupid question, but have you tried the same ruleset,
but not modulating state?  How about the same rules, with pass in/out
rules and no:"keep state"?
> Any input, whether its pf, OpenBSD or
> client related would be much appreciated.
While running similar tests (httperf or http_load) with large numbers
of TCP sessions where the client and the server are running OpenBSD,
I've run into issues which appear to be related to filling up the
local host (not pf) TCP state table with   TIME_WAIT entries on the
client, the server, or both.
This can be diagnosed by running "netstat -np tcp" on the
client/server, right when the problem starts.
Kevin Kadow