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Re: synproxy must be if-bound

Daniel Hartmeier wrote:
> I guess it got lost. Since then, we added the 'set skip on lo' feature
> (which is part of the example pf.conf), which resolves this issue, and
> others.
> Instead of going into the gory details of how loopback filtering breaks
> synproxy in this case, I think it would be better to simply recommend
> skipping filtering on loopback, in general. The cases where it's
> actually useful are equally technical.
> The man page in 3.8 contains this part
>      set skip on <ifspec>
>            List interfaces for which packets should not be filtered.  Packets
>            passing in or out on such interfaces are passed as if pf was dis-
>            abled, i.e. pf does not process them in any way.  This can be use-
>            ful on loopback and other virtual interfaces, when packet filtering
>            is not desired and can have unexpected effects.  For example:
>                  set skip on lo0
> You either didn't spot it at this location or the 'can have unexpected
> effects' part was not enough of a warning. Where would you relocate it to
> or how would you reword it to make it clearer?
> Daniel
I actually thought i had that covered by my 'pass quick on lo0 all' rule, but apparently i hadn't quite understood the
difference between passing everything and not filtering at all. :)
How about adding something like
"For synproxy to protect local daemons, disabling filtering on the loopback interface is recommended unless the if-bound
state policy is used." directly above or below the
"Rules with synproxy will not work if pf(4) operates on a bridge(4)." line?