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Sharing bandwidth between data and VoIP with ALTQ

Hi everyone,
we have an OpenBSD 3.7 firewall doing NAT. Behind there is an asterisk
server that communicate with another VoIP server on the internet. When we
are over the phone, the communication is fine until data transfer happen,
it then starts to skip.
Using pf and altq I am able to reserved bandwidth for the asterisk server
and it stops skipping when a phone conversation is going. The problem is
that it really slow down the transfers, uploads are dropping from 80Kbit/s
to 50 or even worst, 15Kbit/s, depending of the configuration I use. Even
when there is no phone conversation!
I have a pf book and red some doc, but didn't find what I look for. From
what I understand you can use the bandwidth from parent queue with CBQ
(borrow). Its not exactly what I want.
Would it be possible to use all (or almost all) the bandwidth for data when
there is no phone conversation, but reduce the it to 10% for data when
there is a conversation?
I tried priq, cbq and hfsc but none of them works that way (probably because
I didn't find the right way to use them). Could someone point me to the
right direction (howtos, papers...). Does anyone knows which one is better
at this? (cbq, hfsc?)
Thank you,