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synproxy must be if-bound

> Re: pf filtering on loopback?  	
> Daniel Hartmeier <[email protected]> 	Thu, 15 Jul 2004 06:07:02 PDT
> Thank you for the feedback. There have been several objections to bypass
> filtering on loopback, so the status quo will remain. That is, use of
> synproxy requires use of state-policy if-bound (and 'pass quick on lo0'
> when synproxying for the local host). I'll send a patch for the man page,
> too.
> Daniel
I found this in an old archive while I was in the midst of pulling my hair out trying to figure why synproxy refused to
work for local services. This of course helped, (I put if-bound in the options for that individual rule)
but why isn't this mentioned anywhere in the manual yet?
I'm currently running OpenBSD 3.8-release.