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Resetting labels inside Anchors

First a little background. I'm trying to gather usage information for
users connecting with authpf. I had planned on attatching labels to all
rules that got added via authpf and then polling those labels at
intervals. However when the anchor disappears on disconnect the labels
also disappear. Ok we make authpf tag packets and then have rules that
match those tags and have the labels on there. The nicest way of doing
that seemed to be having a seperate Anchor with a rule per authpf user.
However I cannot work out how to reset labels that are inside an anchor.
I have seen a few posts both here and on misc but they did not get
follow ups. Can anyone help or suggest a better method of monitoring.

Things like pfctl -z and pfctl -a Anchorname -z do not seem to be working.

This has been observed on 3.6/3.7 I havn't had a chance to look at anything newer.