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Re: PF and VoIP

> So, with this rules, the ATA receive calls, and I speak and my contrapart
> listen me, but I can't hear him.
> Any idea? Anybody can talk on VoIP behind NAT?
I've had the same problem myself. My pf.conf was "just" like yours, but I
had to configure my Sipura-adaptor right. In my case, this was "RTP Port
Min" and "RTP Port Max".
I don't know which ports your voip-provider uses, so that part you have to
find out yourself.
Also, remember to try forwarding the needed ports to your adaptor-ip. Also
set, if possible, the official i-net ip on your adaptor. On my Sipura this
is called "External IP".
Other than that, i'm out of ideas for your problem...