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Re: how to control outbound / upload BW in a NAT situation

On 10/23/05, Nikolay Kalev <[email protected]> wrote:
> Just un idea which i didn;t try myself. Try to tag every packet from the
> internal network and then put it in the right queue with a separate rule
> for that. Please tell me if it works :-)
This is how we do it in pfSense - except in reverse.
We tag packets based on the queue criteria for that packet.  We then
have a copy of the ruleset for each queue in an anchor for each queue.
 The anchor is set to match packets by tag and then the ruleset queues
it.  It works something like this
pass in from foo to bar tag foobar
pass in from bar to foo tag barfoo
anchor FooBar tagged foobar
anchor BarFoo tagged barfoo
anchor FooBar has a ruleset
pass in from foo to bar queue foobar
pass in from bar to foo queue foobar
anchor BarFoo has a ruleset
pass in from foo to bar queue barfoo
pass in from bar to foo queue barfoo
The reasoning behind the excessive rules is sanity in the rule
generation - our tag rules are more for selecting certain traffic and
forcing it to use an anchor that will queue it if it passes the final
ruleset (which uses quick).
It's not the best system in the world, it works.  It would be more
convenient if there was a queue from foo to bar syntax that handled
the queueing outside of the actual filtering.  But seperating it was a
concious decision we made and one that's caused us to work around pf