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Re: how to control outbound / upload BW in a NAT situation

Joe Advisor wrote:

Okay, this is probably a really dumb question, but I
can't figure out how to control the upload bandwidth
of users in a NAT situation.  It's a totally trivial

<users> - <obsd firewall> - <dsl modem>

Using PF for NAT, PPPoE on the obsd box (WAN
connection of the obsd box has a single public IP). Create some queues... controlling the amount of
download bandwidth is pretty straightforward... each
individual user has their own IP address, each IP
address can match a pass line and then get assigned to
a queue. Problem is with upload. Apparently, no
matter what I do, I cannot assign an IP address an
upload queue because (I think) the translation is
occuring before I can match... so all of the clients
are basically matching to the external public IP... so
basically I can't individually control the upload

I was wondering if anybody else encountered this
problem or would be willing to give me a clue as to
where to look to beign solving it.

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Just un idea which i didn;t try myself. Try to tag every packet from the internal network and then put it in the right queue with a separate rule for that. Please tell me if it works :-)