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route-to and altq issue

I have an OpenBSD 3.7 Sparc64 router, configured with two external
interfaces for internet connections (cable, dsl), as well as an internal
interface ($int_if). Most of the hosts in my network default to the
connection, but I have a few specific hosts that I want using the dsl
connection instead, which I've done with pass in on $int_if route-to
All the traffic matching the $int_if route-to rules is not being queued
correctly. I've tried using the queue keywords on both the pass out
rules on
the dsl interface (these rules do not get matched), as well as putting
on the pass in on $int_if route-to rules themselves (pfctl -vsr shows
packets are matching the rules correctly, but pfctl -vsq shows no sign
them whatsoever). When I set the dsl connection's gateway as the default
route in the routing table, and remove the pass in on $int_if route-to
rules, the packets are queued correctly, so I am certain that this issue
to do with route-to rules.
Han Hwei Woo
[email protected]