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Re: stalled connections between pf servers

>What happens when you make one router the master of both carp groups? I 
>would assume that the issue mentioned above with pinging 20.1 and 30.1 
>goes away. Does your traffic stalling issue also go away?
If I, for example, set 20.1 down (ifconfig carp3 down on hobbes) and the other
interface (30.1 on hobbes) is already in backup, then yes, my traffic problem
goes away because all the traffic is now being routed through one box (calvin).
I tried to make up a little test to further prove my experience. I can ping the
two carp interfaces (in normal master/backup mode) from both sides of the
network, and can show with tcpdump that only the local server to the subnet
actually responds. If I put the carp interface into INIT, then the other server
responds correctly. My results are below. 
Let's assume for a moment that my theory about the traffic entering hobbes and
leaving calvin when traversing the subnets is true. How would I go about writing
a route-to set that could ensure this is not possible? 
Basically, what I think I would need is a rule that says:
[1] Any traffic entering calvin, and destined for the 20.1 network should be
routed to hobbes (unless hobbes is down somehow).
[2] Any traffic entering hobbes, and destined for the 30.1 network should be
routed to calvin (unless calvin is down somehow). 
That way, any return traffic that enters the normal default gateway for that
segment is already destined for the correct local server. The easiest method,
theoretically, is to simply route all 20.0 traffic on calvin to 20.1 (who's
master is hobbes). However, as my testing shows, 20.1 traffic on calvin never
leaves the server (and goes to hobbes) since even in BACKUP mode, the carp
interface seems to be able to receive some traffic. Or possibly, the presence of
the x12 interface on calvin (which is already on the 20.0 network) confuses the
routing? Certainly this experiment hinders my redundancy capabilities.
Honestly, as I've been reading this past weekend, I just do not see people doing
the kind of setup I did. Most people it seems would think of each internet
connection separately, and have a redundant firewall for each connection instead
of what I've done which is having each machine redundant for the other. Either
that, or want to do some kind of load balancing which I am not. My multi-homed
setup just seems to be a bit out of the ordinary configuration. 
Thanks again for all your help. 
Test 1: Ping 20.1 from 20.20
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test1/fxp0.log
10:52:54.892606 > icmp: echo request
10:52:54.893165 > icmp: echo reply
10:52:55.884086 > icmp: echo request
10:52:55.884185 > icmp: echo reply
10:52:56.880150 > icmp: echo request
10:52:56.880248 > icmp: echo reply
10:52:57.876187 > icmp: echo request
10:52:57.876280 > icmp: echo reply
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test1/fxp1.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test1/xl2.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test1/xl1.log
Test 2: Ping 30.1 from 20.20
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test2/fxp0.log
12:26:12.267168 > icmp: echo request
12:26:12.267802 > icmp: echo reply
12:26:13.255377 > icmp: echo request
12:26:13.255491 > icmp: echo reply
12:26:14.255393 > icmp: echo request
12:26:14.255473 > icmp: echo reply
12:26:15.255426 > icmp: echo request
12:26:15.255504 > icmp: echo reply
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test2/fxp1.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test2/xl2.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test2/xl1.log
Test 3: Ping 30.1 from 30.193
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test3/fxp0.log
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test3/fxp1.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test3/xl2.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test3/xl1.log
12:28:17.443454 > icmp: echo request
12:28:17.443644 > icmp: echo reply
12:28:18.437308 > icmp: echo request
12:28:18.437368 > icmp: echo reply
12:28:19.438773 > icmp: echo request
12:28:19.438832 > icmp: echo reply
12:28:20.440252 > icmp: echo request
12:28:20.440317 > icmp: echo reply
Test 4: Ping 20.1 from 30.193
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test4/fxp0.log
hobbes# tcpdump -nr hobbes/test4/fxp1.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test4/xl2.log
calvin# tcpdump -nr calvin/test4/xl1.log
12:31:33.935154 > icmp: echo request
12:31:33.935318 > icmp: echo reply
12:31:34.945493 > icmp: echo request
12:31:34.945557 > icmp: echo reply
12:31:35.947084 > icmp: echo request
12:31:35.947145 > icmp: echo reply
12:31:36.948646 > icmp: echo request
12:31:36.948712 > icmp: echo reply