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Re: H.323 from behind pf

Hutchison, Bill wrote:


Is anyone successfully moving H.323 traffic through a pf gateway by some
proxy or other means?

I've read how H.323 with NAT is ugly, but can't believe there are not more
people needing to move this traffic through pf gateways.

I have looked at nmproxy 1.2, but it will not work on OpenBSD 3.7.  I've
been unable to contact the author.  I've read that others have tried
openh323proxy, but could not get it working on OpenBSD...  And other proxies
seem as unknowns with OpenBSD.

I have yet to try binat, but I'm thinking that is my only and last resort...
Does anyone know differently?

Thank you,


Hi there.
I have the same problem trying to make work policom units behind pf, at the moment the only solution I found was binat, the problem is to use binat you need and extra ip number and that is not good.

Marcos Biscaysaqu