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Re: pf/carp for redundant production use

Hi Michael,

The firewall failover pretty works well as long as the traffic from internal machine to an outside machine is not a continuous TCP stream. An example TCP stream is ssh or telnet. So if I am only web surfing which is an HTTP traffic, and I remove the cable from either internal or external interface of the master firewall, the browsing will not be affected. All my traffic is immediatelly handled by the backup firewall. Also, from an outside machine that connects to a internal machine via that redundant firewall, the tcp stream traffic does not get disconnected which is awesome.

So, I was hoping that pf will behave the same but unfortunately, it's pf's weaknesses for now that it cannot handle NAT well(quote from the guy in #pf irc channel).

Michiel van Baak writes:

On 07:30, Sun 25 Sep 05, Neil wrote:
Yep, the same behavior when the master dies. The solution that the person in #pf told me is use routing but I don't know how to implement. He told me that it's an issue in pf's NAT.

Does this mean you cannot failover an office NAT firewall ?
Pretty useless then if you ask me
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