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Re: stalled connections between pf servers

Steve Witucke wrote:

If I am sitting on for example, and I ping tcpdump
running on HOBBES shows that it responded to the ping. It's the master for so it should. The really odd part is when I ping I
found that HOBBES still responds, not CALVIN; I do not see any traffic with
tcpdump running on CALVIN, even though HOBBES is the backup for the

Further, if I do an "ifconfig carp0 down" on HOBBES, then I DO see a response
from CALVIN for 30.1. I can guarantee that HOBBES says "BACKUP" before I try

Interesting. Can anyone else comment on whether this is normal? Is hobbes responding for 30.1 because that IP is configured on an interface (even if it is a carp interface in backup state)?

What happens when you make one router the master of both carp groups? I would assume that the issue mentioned above with pinging 20.1 and 30.1 goes away. Does your traffic stalling issue also go away?