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Re: pf load balancing

i tried with it, but it works if i have a machine in the middle. like this:
LAN ----- obsd (load balancer with route-to) ------ GW1 -------- WAN

i want something to work in this scenario:

LAN ---------------- GW1 ------------------ WAN

can route-to do the work in this case?


ed wrote:

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:05:23 -0300
Lucas <[email protected]> wrote:

i'm working with 3 gateways and want to load balance between them.
after a failure with layer 2 (carp arpbalance) balancing, i tried to
do  it with pf.

the most logical way to do it is with a machine before the gateways distributing the load.
there's a way to do it without adding a new machine (and a new point
of failure) to the set?

Look into the route-to keyword