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Re: VPN hfsc

Karl O. Pinc wrote:
> On 09/14/2005 12:26:12 PM, Brandon Mercer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thanks for providing this resource, I've found it most useful!  Have
>> you
>> ever setup traffic shaping for the traffic over a VPN?  This is my
>> scenario:
> Your questions do not seem all that specific so it's hard to
> respond other than "yup, you can do that."  The vpn has a enc(4)
> device on each end.  You'd queue on that device.  (I've not
> done this myself, but that's my take.)
> My guess on your best bet for getting help is to (re)read the pf
> faq/man and then write and comment a config file and re-post that
> along with your goals and see what people have to say about
> the specifics.
allrighty!  that's what I'll do.