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RE: FTP and PPTP problems

PPTP proxy would solve the PPTP issue where your limited to one outgoing
Amir Mesry
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> Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 5:08 AM
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> Subject: FTP and PPTP problems
> Hi there.
>     As you probably know ftp "restrict" client as Nftp and 
> other doesn't work properly behind the PF nat, someone knows 
> if this problem been fix or if is a new ftp-proxy version to 
> make it work.
> Other point is if I running a PPTP server in my network and I 
> want to pptp outside of my network at the same time someone 
> is connected over pptp from out side to my pptp server pf 
> wont let me connect, is this correct? the pf nat doesn't nat 
> my ip address properly, right?
> We have more than 500 PC running PF, and we love it!  :) 
> Thanks
> Marcos Biscaysaqu
> ThePacific.net