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Re: Regarding Problems with Porting pf

On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 04:00:08PM +0530, arun kumarn wrote:
> Just i want to know weather
>  It is sufficient to port the Code what you had written by little
> modification ??
> or else
> weather i need to port entire IP stack of OpenBSD and the code what
> you had written??
Let's put it this way. You don't want to port an entire IP stack. First,
it's too much work. Second, it would probably never get adopted. They're
fond of their implementation, afaik.
Given the latter is not an option at all, that doesn't mean the former
requires just "little modification", either. It's a kind of project
where, if you have to ask how to do it, it might be over your head.
Good luck ;)