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Re: Kinds of Attacks

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 11:09:21PM +0530, arun kumarn wrote:
> I want to know which are the type of attacks that are taken care in
> current version
> of OpenBSD Pf.
pf contains features that allow a capable administrator to deal with all
these five attacks, yes. To successfully use pf to deal with these attacks,
you'll need at least basic understanding of how these attacks work, and
how the various features of pf can be used to address them. pf is not a
piece of equipment you simply drop somewhere without configuration,
which does everything automagically for you.
You'll have to read the documentation and understand the attacks you want
to prevent. pf by itself won't 'take care' of anything, like a typewriter
doesn't take care of writing a book, or a piano of playing a piece of music.
Without further details, your question can probably not be answered
satisfyingly. It's like asking in a hardware store whether one specific
hammer in the sortiment will 'take care of building bookshelves and
repairing cars'.
We don't sell solutions here, we provide tools. ;)