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IP accounting

As a recent post of mine shows, I am in the process of setting up various types of IP
accounting for my humble ADSL network.  I have pfstat that provides an overview of what is
happening on the PF side.  Now I am looking for some hard numbers in this order of priority:
1. number of MB that has exited/entered my firewall's external interface during the month
2. graph this type of data on a daily basis
3. know which internal hosts accounted for that bandwidth
I looked at ipfm.  It is very small and appears to do what I want but I cannot get it to listen
on my external interface (fxp0/tun0) for some reason.  There are a few perl/shell scripts I
found that outputs the data in some nicer format but these things seem very brittle.  ipfm does
not seem to be maintained anymore (since 2002).
My next stop is symon.
Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on my meagre demands?
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