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[Fwd: Re: nat ip mac]

On Mon, August 15, 2005 10:37 am, Glaucius Djalma Pereira Junior said:
> hi guys
> how can I create a single nat rule to allow nat to a single machine
using source IP and source MAC
> nat on xl0 from to any ->
> but I would like to allow just using the MAC address
> 00:ff:0f:ba:54:00.
> how can I do it ?
Is anyone else allowed to use for any other use?  If not, it is
probably easiest to seperate this into two problems:
Only only MAC address 00:ff:0f:ba:54:00 is allowed
Only is allowed a certain nat.
PF solves the secound problem, but the first is probably best fobbed of on
your DHCP server.  (Though I'm not sure that's foolproof.  There are
probably more steps in that then I am thinking of.)
Daniel T. Staal
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