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Re: Dup-to (Solved)

On Saturday 13 August 2005 02:06, you wrote:
But first a funny (???) story.
I had my 7 year old daughter volunteer to help me on Friday with my work, on 
my primary workstation, my notebook. I didn't even have to ask her nor did I 
have to ask her to push the enter key, she read the screen and interpreted it 
as " Press the return key to boot the computer", and of course she did.
I had burned a CD the night before and quite out of character, hadn't taken it 
out of the drive. I followed my usual process of many days, turning on the 
notebook and going to grab a java while it starts up. I ended up coming back 
to my office after about 6 or 7 minutes only to see one long red line going 
across the screen and another red line flashing across the screen just above 
the first. 
The CD was the latest honeynet "roo" and when you press enter it repartitions 
the drive and installs itself. I suppose here is a lesson in there for me.
Now the dup-to resolution.
What happened was I had listed the dup-to interface and destination address 
macros inside paranthesis separated by a coma and of course received a syntax 
error. Naturally being as gifted as I obviously am, ( see story above ) I 
substituted a pair of curly braces leaving the coma in but did not receive an 
error so I had assumed that the syntax was correct. After taking a break and 
rebuilding my notebook, I started thinking about the dup-to and remembered 
that I didn't see a coma nor curly braces in the man page or FAQ etc. I guess 
I am very used to separating values with that little coma.
Parenthesis and no coma, all is well.
Anyway Thanks for your responses, hope you got a bit of a chuckle out of the 
notebook story.