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Re: Dup-to

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 04:51:56PM -0600, Bob DeBolt wrote:
> FXP0 is the logging interface to a log box.
> int_if = "rl1"
> ext_if = "rl0"
> log_if = "fxp0"
> pass in ?on $ext_if dup-to $log_if all
> pass out on $ext_if dup-to $log_if all
> I have tried pass quick on each interface and on and on and on.
> rdr works great, it's seems I have missed something in dup-to.
> TCPdump shows that nothing is hitting the log interface, connectivity 
> to the log box and back is fine so it would seem that it must be in 
> regard to something I am missing (other than sleep I must say) 
How did you test 'connectivity to the log box'? Does fxp0 and the log
box have IP addresses assigned, and you can ping between them? And you
see the ICMP echo requests and replies when you tcpdump on fxp0?
One reason you wouldn't see packets dupped would be if fxp0 wasn't up,
i.e. if you don't have at least 'up' in /etc/hostname.fxp0, and
'ifconfig fxp0' doesn't show 'flags=<UP>'. But in that case, you'd have
no 'connectivity to the log box', unless you merely verified that a
cable is plugged in :)