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Re: Using state and routing inbound traffic

On 08/05/2005 01:58:19 PM, Chris 'Xenon' Hanson wrote:

And further, by configuring an interface's sum total max bandwidth slightly _lower_ than what it is, you leave yourself enough headroom to start throttling back the data rate on all inbound streams before you hit the ceiling

That's another thing I'm shooting for, a more rapid balancing of new streams' bandwidth viz existing streams when the pipe is clogged.

(at which point the router at the other end of
you link start indiscriminately discarding packets, since it doesn't know your queue rules).

Actually, it'd be the computer at the other end of the TCP connection, not the router at the other end of the link, that should start doing the throttling.

Am I missing something completely here?

Hope not, or I am too.

We've been talking TCP here, one can only hope that the applications
using UDP have some sort of equivalent throttling mechanism.
Even if not, most of my traffic is TCP.

Karl <[email protected]>
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