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Using state and routing inbound traffic


I want to route all inbound WAN traffic to a loopback
interface so I can try some queueing on inbound traffic
(to see if I can trade bandwidth for latency).
But I'm not sure there's a way to do this
in conjunction with stateful firewalling.

Seems like:

pass in on $internal_if from any to any port http keep state
pass out on $external_if from any to any port http \
     route-to lo1 keep state

is going to route the outbound traffic on $external_if
whereas what I want is to route the returning
inbound traffic.  Right?  Is there a way to route inbound
traffic to a loopback address so I can play around
with queueing inbound traffic?


Karl <[email protected]>
Free Software:  "You don't pay back, you pay forward."
                 -- Robert A. Heinlein