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OpenBSD + STP + pfsync.


I have being working arround these days with the configuration mentiones
in the subject, it works nicely as a failover filtering bridge, it
geaves a nice failover response time (I have measured like 10 seconds)
from unplugging one firewall until the other firewall comes up.

As I am not an STP guru I have several questions: We use here HP
Procurve 2650 switches which have the possibility of enabling STP on
them, but I dont know how would this benefit my configuration, I am
using one of those swithes with two port based VLAN's, to separate
external wan from internal wan (I call them this way to distinguish
which is directly connected to the internet -external wan- from the one
that is directly connected to the net but behind the firewall -internal
wan-) my question is enabling STP on the switch would make transsition
from one firewall to the other quiker?, I have being reading a nice
tutorial from: http://www.seattlecentral.edu/~dmartin/docs/bridge.html
in which he uses a very similar configuration except with the difference
that he algo enables STP on his Catalyst switches, would this make any
difference on my config?.

Thanks :)