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ALTQ question

I would like to create a traffic shaping scenario as follows:
        Establish and queue on an outgoing interface
        with the following properties:
                1. Total available bandwidth: "N" Mbps
                2. There are "n" active src IP addresses
                   using the queue to send traffic.
                3. All src IPs in the queue share
                   the bandwith equally. That is each machine gets
                   a maximum allocation of N/n Mbps. E.g. If there are 10 src IP
                   addresses sending traffic each one gets a maximum
                   bandwidth of: N/10 Mbps
                4. [optional] One can set a cap for the maximum
                   bandwidth (M Mbps) for each active src IP in the queue even
                   in the case that N/n > M.
                5. The n active src IP addresses all fall within a known
                   CIDR block.
Can this be done using ALTQ? I believe its possible using dummynet.
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