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Re: State/queue question

Kelley Reynolds wrote:
> I misunderstood how this worked as well (and in fact, I have changes to
> the documentation pending for the FAQ for this exact question as per
> Henning's owed favor) but it's all very simple.
The FAQ and most of the other stuff I've seen on pf/altq has been rather
lacking in documenting how this works, so having this in the FAQ would
be genuinely helpful.
> Making a queue is exactly like creating a rule. It assumes all
> interfaces unless you specify an interface like:
> queue serv on $mci_if bandwidth ...
> queue serv on $mbh_if bandwidth ...
> Now, if you want the attributes of those queues to be the same (same
> bandwidth, same priority, same whatever), you can just omit the
> interface bit and it'll make a queue with said names on every interface.
> Now for the truly useful part which is what I was missing: When you
> assign a packet to a queue in a rule, you aren't actually assigning it
> to a queue. All you are doing is giving it a name. For example, you are
> stating "If there is a queue called <queuename> when I'm going out an
> interface, apply it. If not, apply me to the default queue"
> So when traveling out $mbh_if, if there is queue matching the queue
> assigned to the packet, it will go there. Likewise, when traveling out
> $mci_if, if there is a queue name matching the queue assigned to the
> packet, it will go there or failing that, the default queue.
This was incredibly helpful, thank you so much!
Cheers, Martin.