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Re: load balancing outgoing traffic: 1st TCP connection RESET

Tihomir Koychev wrote:


--- Emilio Lucena <[email protected]> wrote:

I have the feeling that PF may be having problems
when it tries to allocate source port during NAT process. It is just
a feeling, though. If

As i think connection which is route-to second interface is NAT again, because NAT occur before filtering.So the re-routed packet arrive at second interface but now with ip address of first external interface $ext_ip1. There is a solution in the -current.Daniel sent a patch 2 month ago.


I new the answer, I would not be asking here, right?

May be because there is patch and problem is solved in
mailing list no one answer.

I start downloading scanpshot ot current and test
If you success let me know.



As soon as i know the NAT is done on the External interface, so can he just do nat on both external interfaces and isn;t route to good to be done on the internal interface rather then on the external or something similar ?