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Re: Feature request - setting TOS

I'm an enterprise WAN guy and have made good use of setting TOS in our network:

- Site/access routers set TOS bits on incoming packets, burning up a bit of cpu. Hub/core routers can then queue based on those TOS bits without needing to re-evaluate the packets.

- I heard of some Microsoft traffic being put on the wire with higher priority TOS then normal. Typical routers on typical circuits respect TOS - cisco routers on T1s default to "weighted fair queueing." I like being able to control TOS bits on the corporate WAN.

- I look at manipulating TOS on the internal network as a capability similar to tagging, except I can "tag" (with TOS) a packet in one place and queue off that "tag" in another place.

Set TOS or no Set TOS, I'll still be taking over the world with OpenBSD/PF routers! I have some pretty demanding site-to-site VPN stuff I am working on moving from cisco to OpenBSD and it'll work out either way. :-)


On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Henning Brauer wrote:

* Steven Philip Schubiger <[email protected]> [2005-04-15 10:51]:
On 13 Apr, Lars Hansson wrote:

: Naturally TOS is only really usefull on your own network. If you have a
: fairly large internal network, say a campus of some sort, being able to
: mark packets with TOS and also assign packets to queues depending on
: TOS value can come in very handy.

Could the usability of such an addition be confirmed by familiar
developers, before we step further?

last time we looked into that we didn't come up with a good keyword if memory serves, and the usefullness was a bit questionable. I have no strong opinion here, but without the right keyword this is not going to fly no matter what.

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