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Re: Feature request - setting TOS

* Steven Philip Schubiger <[email protected]> [2005-04-15 10:51]:
> On 13 Apr, Lars Hansson wrote:
> : Naturally TOS is only really usefull on your own network. If you have a
> : fairly large internal network, say a campus of some sort, being able to
> : mark packets with TOS and also assign packets to queues depending on
> : TOS value can come in very handy.
> Could the usability of such an addition be confirmed by familiar
> developers, before we step further?
last time we looked into that we didn't come up with a good keyword if 
memory serves, and the usefullness was a bit questionable. I have no 
strong opinion here, but without the right keyword this is not going to 
fly no matter what.
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