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dup-to problem with specific packets

I'm trying to duplicate packets matching one particular rule.
Background: I have softflowd running on OpenBSD 3.5 i386.  This is
exporting flows to a logging host.  Works beautifully.
The old logging host is being replaced.  I would like to run the two
logging hosts in parallel temporarily, until I'm sure all the bugs are
out of the new one.
While I could fire up a second instance of softflowd, it seems like
this would be a good application of dup-to.  I don't want to duplicate
the entire mass of traffic going through this box, just the netflow
pass out on $int_if proto udp from any to a.b.c.251 port 8641 dup-to ($int_if a.b.c.252)
(port number changed to protect the guilty, of course)
pfctl -nf gives me a syntax error on line 80, but won't be specific on
what the problem is.
Any suggestions?  Or am I just outright misunderstanding dup-to?
Michael W. Lucas	[email protected], [email protected]
	       Latest book: Cisco Routers for the Desperate