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Re: Insufficient benzed.... err caffiene

Rod.. Whitworth wrote:

pf.conf with:
anchor "/authpf/*"

With a leading slash? I'm not sure if this would cause you problems or not...

placed just after a block rule that will be overthrown by :
that says:
pass in on wi0 from $user_ip to any keep state
and the test user has:
as its shell.

PLEEEEEEASE don't paraphrase your pf.conf/authpf.rules. This is really getting annoying. People asking for help, even complaining when they don't get it, but they're unwilling to paste complete, unedited config files, commands being run, log messages, etc.

On the target /var/log/messages says:
Apr 8 19:46:20  puffy -authpf: cannot open packet filter device
(Permission denied)

Wow. A log message! :P

Probably want to quickly verify the permissions on these files:

jknight:~% ls -l /dev/pf /usr/sbin/authpf
crw-------  1 root  wheel    73,   0 Dec 22 20:08 /dev/pf
-r-sr-sr-x  1 root  authpf     18068 Dec  9 18:01 /usr/sbin/authpf