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Re: Sample ruleset for dividing LANs

Steven Bowers <[email protected]> writes:
> I've been running a small LAN for some time with just two nics, one
> for the external DSL router and the other to my personal LAN. Recently
> I moved to a nicer apartment complex and would like to share my DSL to
> some of the residents. I've added a third nic and attached a Linksys
> WRT54G to it. Before I open it up to the complex I was trying to setup
> a ruleset that restricted traffic on that network from my own. Could
> someone give me a brief outline of how to keep the residents on the
> network I've setup for them?
> My LAN runs on and I'm planning to put them on
This is probably a situation where block all, then specifying pass rules
specific to the interfaces makes for the most readable rule set.
Something along the lines of
mylan = ""
otherlan "" 
my_if = defineme0
other_if = defineme1
ext_if = defineme2
scrub in all
block all
## do your nat
nat on $ext_if from { $mylan, $otherlan } to any -> ($ext_if)
## other rdr as needed
pass in on my_if from $mylan to any 
pass out on ext_if from $mylan to any keep state
pass in on other_if from $otherlan to any 
pass out on ext_if from $otherlan to any keep state
- with the addition of some restriction on which ports and a few other
embellishments - could be what you need.
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