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Re: Anchors with tables

On Mar 27, 2005, at 1:31 PM, Jason Opperisano wrote:

It appears that pfctl assumes that anchors only contain filter rules.
Have I stumbled over a bug in either pf.conf (5) or pfctl, or am I
doing/assuming something wrong?

dunno if this is a remotely useful response, but the snippets of file you provided work fine here (on both 3.6-release and the latest snapshot):

Strange, considering Theo confirmed the bug in pf.conf (5). I ran a patch by Daniel who confirmed it, and have submitted it to [email protected]

--- src/share/man/man5/pf.conf.5        Tue Mar  1 13:10:44 2005
+++ src/share/man/man5/pf.conf.5        Sun Mar 27 08:16:01 2005
@@ -2213,7 +2213,7 @@
 attachment points.
 .Ar anchor
-is a container that can hold rules, address tables, and other anchors.
+is a container that can hold rules and other anchors.
 .Ar anchor

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