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AIM connection issues

I have a new firewall in development for the college i work at. I have tried
extensively googling this issue in various ways and have not managed to find
anything that seems pertinent.
Essentially, the problem I'm having is that a client that connects to the
internet through the new firewall (pf on openbsd 3.6) has problems establishing
a connection to AIM (login.oscar.aol.com). I have performed severl ethereal
packet sniffing sessions and can confirm that there is a successful connection
established between the server and the client and then it just drops. Usually
after about an hour or two of stubborn retrying and waiting it eventually
Are there any possible pf configuration snafus that could be at fault? 
The only other factor that I see as possibly contributing to the problem (i'm
not sure how) is that the internet connection is a set of 4 bonded t1s, but I've
been given the impression that this shouldn't make a difference. 
Florian Mosleh
Network & Admin. Support Manager
Capitol College
301.369.2800 ext.2040
800.950.1992 ext.2040
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