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Re: can you help me measuring traffic using OpenBSD's pf?

Sean Kamath wrote:

[In a message on Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:52:58 +0100,
Steven Schubiger wrote:]

On 22 Mar, Eugene M. Minkovskii wrote:

I want to meashure incoming traffic and outgoing traffic
separately, regardless of which side initiated the traffic.

# Excerpt from pf.conf, Options

set loginterface
         Enable collection of packet and byte count statistics for the given
         interface.  These statistics can be viewed using

# pfctl -s info

Huh. Didn't know about that. Any idea about the amount of overhead it would incur?

"set loginterface" incur no overhead, because statistics are gathered for all
interfaces anyway all the time, with or without that knob.
Actually, you don't even need "set loginterface". You can grab all interface
stats using "pfctl -vvsI" or "pfctl -i <interface> -vvsI". Read pfctl manpage.