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Re: OBSD Bridge Help

This looks like a rather complicated setup, so I think it would be
useful to ask, what did the last working setup look like? 
A couple of things which strike me as odd are - 
  the RFC1918 table looks to me like it includes rather more than the
  rfc1918 addresses
  the bad tcp flags section contains quite a number of permutations
  which may or may not be tripping you up, others which may be redundant
  you have a quick rule which I think would block traffic from the
  internal network to the world (block out log quick on $ext_if from !
  $ext_if to any)
My advice would be to roll back to the last version which was able to
pass at least some traffic, then introduce rules one at a time from
there, testing each change.  That way you will be in a much better
position to see what breaks, if it does. 
Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
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