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traffic accounting

Hi all,
Having a little difficulty regarding traffic counting.
I have a macro ($soh) with about 30 IPs in it.. The first problem I
was having was that:
 pass out on $ext_if from $soh to any keep state label "$srcaddr:: "
was not passing traffic. (nat changing source address before reaching
filtering rules)
Someone then recommended having the following instead:
 pass in  on $int_if from $soh to any keep state label "$srcaddr:: "
 pass out on $ext_if from any to any keep state label "total::  "
which is now letting traffic out with the pass out rule, but the pass
in rule is not counting traffic... whenever doing "pftcl -sl" I can
see the "total::" label rising as more bandwidth is used, but all the
other labels for all the private IPs remain on zero.
I did get a step closer earlier this morning...  Managed to count
traffic from the source addresses 100%, but I couldn't account for the
web traffic (which is 80% of the traffic) as I have a rdr rule that
redirects all traffic for port 80 via localhost port 3128 to
proxy/cache webpages.
Could someone possibly help rectify this?
(they are also the last rules in the ruleset so the "last match wins"
is correct)