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Trouble with route-to:

Hey all,  having a bit of a problem with routing one specific ip address out
a different interface in a 2 external interface setup:
Em0=internal interface
Rl0=external interface #1
Rl1=external interface #2
Gw1=external gateway #2
$internal_net =
scrub in on $ext_if all
scrub out on $ext_if all
scrub in on rl1 all
scrub out on rl1 all
nat on rl0 from $internal_net to !$internal_net -> (rl0)
nat on rl1 from $internal_net to !$internal_net -> (rl1)
pass in on em0 route-to (rl1 gw1) from to !$internal_net keep
Once I add the above line to pf.conf and flush the ruleset the computer can
no longer access the outside world.  So I assume I need some sort of
matching rule on rl1,  but can't figure out what it is.  
If I manually change the routing table to pass a specific destination ip
address out through gw1 it works without a flaw, however this machine needs
to access more then a few subnets through interface #2, so route-to is
Let me know if anyone has any ideas,