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CIDR Networks in recursive Macros

I couldn't find this issue in any of the documentation I could find, so
I thought I'd ask here.
Macros in pf can be defined recursively, but it doesn't seem to work
when the macros that are being expanded are CIDR-style network
For instance, while this works:
wibble = { 192.168.1/24 192.168.4/24 }
This does not (fails with a syntax error when trying to load):
muh = "192.168.1/24"
fuh = "192.168.4/24"
wibble = "{" $muh $fuh "}"
I've tried it with commas, with one macro and one literal, with
non-abbreviated style (i.e., etc., but nothing seems to
Recursive macros work normally with individual hosts, but not netblocks.
Is this a feature or a bug?
Aaron Spanik
Senior Unix Systems Administrator, Computing Services
Acadia University  Wolfville, NS  Canada  B4P 2R6
phone: (902) 585-1121  fax: (902) 585-1066