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Re: Can't even do an ls on a FTP server located on the WAN

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 08:41:57AM +0100, Nicolas wrote:
> The Debian machine does ftp masquerading, but I don't see anything
> anormal on that machine.
> The error message on the bastion, in /var/log/daemon, is:
> ftp-proxy[18326]: connect() failed (No route to host)
> What host is that? From the bastion, there're no problem at all with
> routes to the Debian machine or the FTP server...
  don't know what host the destination was, but source was 
  certainly [OBSD BASTION], so should be on the pflog on the 
  bastion machine.  could watch a tcpdump on the pflog0 iface
  while you try again and duplicate a failure; should show
  the blocked addr/port pair that ends up being reported to 
[ openbsd 3.6 GENERIC ( jan 13 ) // i386 ]