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Re: Borrow not working

Thanks a lot, Bob!
I'll try and use this hfsc scheduler, then I'll post the results.
Best regards,

Alexandre Ilha
Network Administration
TeleHUMANA Communications

Bob wrote:

Alexandre Ilha wrote:

Hello, everybody.

We've been trying to get "borrow" to work for us, but despite our reading every reasonable piece of documentation, messages in this list and several web pages - trying to find a solution, it's still not working. We also tried to use the same PF configuration on BSD 3.3 and 3.6, with no success.

I couldn't get the CBQ scheduler (I'm in FreeBSD 5.3 which I believe uses the same underlying code as OpenBSD - ALTQ) to share out bandwidth reliably.

It wouldn't use all the bandwidth available, even if there was only one queue in use.

I switched to the HFSC scheduler, and I'm very happy with it. I haven't been able to find any decent documentation for it with specific regard to PF, but I read enough theoretical overview documents to have a bit of a clue. Seems a shame not to have a good document for PF and HFSC, though.