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Re: Can't even do an ls on a FTP server located on the WAN

On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 06:50:51PM -0700, jared r r spiegel wrote:
>> ...
> > However, here's the rule I added for the FTP:
> > 
> > pass in quick on $name_itf_ext inet proto tcp from port 20 to
> > ($name_itf_ext) user proxy flags S/SA keep state
>   ok, that's that..  are you blocking everything by default on 
>   bastion, not just inbound?  is there a chance that the connection
>   from ftp-proxy back to your LAN was blocked?
You're right, everything is blocked by default on the bastion, not just
inbound but also outbound! What ports, hosts and direction should I
allow, in your opinion?
I now hope we're approaching a solution!
Your help is greatly appreciated!
Nicolas, Paris.
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